Google Will Love you only Once Everyone Else Loves you!

Yes, this is absolutely true! Only when everyone else loves your company would Google recognize it.

All the activities on the web are picked up by Google and when your site gets more visitors and more clicks, that it when Google turns to your web page and makes it more visible on the internet platform.

When more number of sites start linking to your web page, larger number of people would start talking about the products and services offered by your company.

This is when Google would intervene to get a piece of all the action and gives out a better ranking for your site.

The highly intelligent Google bots would search the entire internet platform and compile all the necessary information about your site. 

Google would love it even more when more number of sites start interacting with your site. That is when Google would find your site to be worth something.

It is almost like the situation you would have at your school or college. As more people get to know you and about you, more buzz would be created about you and that it when your credibility also improves. If you do not make friends, stay quiet all the time, you would never get noticed by anyone at all apart from the few friends whom you may have.

It is actually pretty simple! If you socialize and get to know more people in and out of your community, you slowly become more and more popular. Handing over your business card or giving out your contact information to the people you network with acts a link back to you. Larger the group of people who have your number, more would be the chance of them calling you whenever they need anything. 

This similar concept is adopted by Google for your websites. The more your website networks with other sites, more sites would get linked to you which would eventually enhance the credibility of your site enough to get recognized by Google, which would improve your site’s overall ranking. 

A website which is not recognized by many people is almost like a dead fish in the sea. Many people believe that as soon as they have a website they can start earning millions. This is so not the case! There are already millions of sites on the internet platform who also want the same thing as you do. 

So, what do you do in such a situation? How can you get noticed? This is when digital marketing comes into picture. If you want more clients to notice your website and get more leads, digital marketing is the answer.

Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something which is loved by Google! If you have spent days to put together a website but there is no strong content to provide the optimum SEO online, it is all a waste as Google would not be able to find your site at all.

You would have to have a strong hold on the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of your website as well so that it appears on the Google search engine whenever someone keys in the details which are relevant to the services and products offered by your company.

Nowadays, social media is a vast platform which is accessed by millions of people from different sectors throughout the world. This is one of the best places to market the services which your business enterprise specializes in. This can be done only through SMO or social media optimization.

Another popular way to get noticed online is through Pay Per Click wherein you would be required to pay a certain amount whenever your advertisement is clicked by the interested people on the internet. This is a popular technique of internet marketing which goes a long way in getting your website recognized.

Digital marketing covers up a number of services including SEM, SMO, SEO, SMM, PPC, affiliate marketing, remarketing, email marketing and all other aspects which would give your website the recognition which it requires on Google. 

Spark Studios specializes in this arena and has been successfully delivering promising results to several recognized business enterprises. Our team is highly motivated to deliver the best digital marketing services which would amp up your credibility on all the online platforms. This would drastically improve your company’s recognition among several potential buyers and would ultimately get your site the popularity it requires to get noticed by Google!


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